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There are hundreds of useful reviews of your company on the web. But they can simply go to waste, as your customers don’t know they exist. So why not collect them all and embed the reviews in your website to make your product even more trustworthy? Don’t worry, with us it’s as easy as pie! Just sign up for free beta and benefit from our special offer for early adopters!

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By using advanced tools and magical technologies, we can collect all your reviews from the web every single day. You are notified when a new review pops up in any service and we embed it in your website right away. We work hard to help you make your offer even more appealing for customers. And your satisfaction makes us proud!




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JustReview Badge

With JustReview you can collect all the Reviews and Testimonials concerning your brand in one place! But now you may also conveniently include them on each of your subpages in the form of JustReview Badge. It’s a simple and transparent way of building your social proof that really works. Try it now and watch closely how the number of your customers systematically grow.

JustReview Testimonials

Forget about retyping and copying your customers’ reviews! With our widget you may present the best textual opinions about your business in an easy and intuitive way directly on your website. You decide which reviews should be published, and which are not worth it. We’ll also notify you about any new reviews published by influential people, so you can show them off immediately.

JustReview Counters

Review Counters are the best way to present your average rating and the number of reviews on any service to visitors on your website. And this is an easy way to strength customers’ trust in your company. What’s more, you can easily customize your counters using our intuitive creator, so it will suit the design of the website. Don’t waste all those incredible reviews, but use them to show people how good you are!

JustReview Page

Create a whole subpage where all the Reviews/Testimonials and Review Counters will be conveniently gathered in one place. Show the customers your company’s average rating to let them know how trustworthy you are. And give the users a chance to write their own reviews directly on your website. It’s really easy and effective at the same time!

Customize Your Widget In A Blink!

Our intuitive creator enables you to change the way your widget looks in just few simple steps. Go ahead and make it perfect for your website! You don’t need to change your website or software to use JustReview. It easily integrates with all the sites and popular softs. We are here to make your life easier, not more complicated!

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Increase Your Ecommerce
and Local Brands Sales

Social proof is one of the things that can effectively boost your store and website. People tend to follow the herd, and you should use that knowledge. If customers see other people’s reviews, they are more likely to buy certain products or use company’s services. So start showing them that your business is worth their attention!
There are hundreds of reviews concerning your company on the net, but there are no signs of them on your website. Change it right away and watch your sales figures grow!

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After we’ve started using JustReview on our website, our social proof of equity has strengthened. Thanks to that, the number of our sales has increased rapidly. We had many opinions scattered over the internet, but now the customer finally knows about them.