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About the JustReview
Affiliate Program

Just Review is a tool which helps our clients collect all the reviews about their company and products and then embed them on their websites. The aim of our affiliate program is simple - we want to reach more clients who wish to boost their sales and increase their social proof. But of course, you can also benefit from that. By recommending a client, you get 30% commission every single month. Sounds good?

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You run an interactive or marketing agency, or maybe you own some e-commerce business? Sign up to our program and become JustReview partner.

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Call your clients’ attention to JustReview and show them that our tool can quickly boost their sales and improve their social proof. It’s a win-win situation.

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Every month you will be getting 30% payout for every client you bring to JustReview. It’s like a lifetime extra salary, so don’t miss such opportunity!

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Support JustReview development. Help your clients improve their businesses. Earn your extra salary in the easiest way possible. With the JustReview affiliate program everybody wins!

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